Here is the latest news on the D-Star System
October 2010
October 10, 2010
After being off the gateway for almost a year we are finally back on! We are beaming internet from R&L Electronics, so there are no monthly internet bills. Special thanks to N8TVU and AB8RG for all the hard work!

August 2008
August 28, 2008
New router is installed. The complete rack is fully functional as of 8/28/2008.

August 20, 2008
Centos has been installed. Gateway software has been reinstalled. We were not able to transfer the user data from the old system to the new system. We reentered everyone manually. All users that were gateway approved have been entered again. Everything should be back to normal. Serveral things have been changed to make things better.

July 2008
July 29, 2008
We took the gateway server off of the repeater. We are having trouble getting the DD side of the 1.2 working correctly. We are changing the operating system from RedHat to the more "Dstar Standard" Centos. Hopefully this will solve the problem if not, it will make us more compatable with the rest of the Dstar world.

June 2008
June 26, 2008
Preamp installed on 442.625 mHz.
June 21, 2008
1.2 Digital voice is on the air! Not enough room in the rack for the triplex part. We will get the data part going shortly.
June 18, 2008
1.2 triplexer arrives. Now we just need to install it.
June 9, 2008
Installed a preamp on the 2 meter side. This is made a big improvement. 2m side now appears to be working at expected coverage.
June 7, 2008
Storms come in the area, W8RNL goes off the gateway. After a trip to the repeater site it was discovered that the electric went out long enough for our small backup batteries to die, the computer just needs reset. WOW what a relief. R&L Electronics buys a 1500VA UPS for the computer. Hopefully this will not happen again!
June 6, 2008
After way too many cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances the 2m/70cm/1.2 antenna gets up in the air. It is at approximately 250' above ground level. Approximately 1150' above sea level.
June 5, 2008
The server is upgraded from 512K to 2M of memory. The memory was partially donated by Debco Computers.
This allows us to install Dplus on the server. This is when the fun stuff starts! Dplus allows us to connect to reflectors, lets the administrator watch the log files to help users, echo function, voice ids, announcements, etc, etc, etc!

May 2008
May 17, 2008
We ordered the needed triplexer for the 1.2 Ghz side. Expected ship date of 6/17/2008
First part of May
After lots of work, hours, etc by too many people to list here:
442.625 goes on the air with gateway access just in time for Dayton Hamvention.
W8CCI was kind enough to loan us an antenna to get 145.16 on the air for Dayton Hamvention.

Sometime in late 2007
Butler County VHF Association, Butler County ARES and R&L Electronics starts combining efforts to get a D-Star System in Hamilton, Ohio!
R&L Electronics and Icom provides Icom RP2C, RP2V, RP2000V and RP4000V.
R&L Electronics supplies the needed 2m duplexer, 70cm duplexer, router, power supply, backup battery, inverter, etc. Also gets 2m, 440 and 1.2 frequencies from the Ohio repeater council.
Debco Computers helps with the needed rack mount computer.
Butler County VHF Association gets grant to do tower climbing. They also provide the antenna mount, 1 5/8" hardline, hardline connectors, lots of man hours!
Butler County ARES agrees to pick up the monthly bill for internet access at the tower site.